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Greetings and welcome to the Web page for Clive Ash Publishing. As an author I am dedicated to writing thrillers that are both controversial and thought provoking. As a human being I am appalled at the greed, hubris and hypocritical self-righteousness that motivate our species. Consequently, assaults against human folly are a recurring theme in my writing. I believe it is essential that we quickly recognize and change the destructive and selfish manner in which we deal with each other and the very fragile environment we live in.  Our planet itself is far from fragile. It has repeatedly survived cataclysmic events as a consequence of which millions of species have disappeared – only to make room for millions of new ones. Mankind is just one of those species that has been granted the privilege of being temporary tenants of the land. As we continue to destroy the very fragile environment essential for our existence, Earth will remain indifferent to our folly, and in the aftermath of our demise provide opportunity for some new species to fill the gap. We have only decades to save ourselves, the Earth has millions of years to replace us.


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Clive Ash has traveled extensively, often to remote locations ranging from the blazing heat of the Sahara to the equally fragile and bitterly cold world inside the Arctic Circle.  He has an adventurous bent that has taken him flying, skydiving, kayaking, and sailing.  He also holds a Third Degree Black Belt in martial arts.  These various experiences allow him to bring a firsthand knowledge to his descriptions of the many locations visited in his novels, as also the antics of his characters.  He has tempted fate on numerous occasions, and often come close to losing.  He has quite literally seen his life flash before his eyes and lived to tell about it.  Through it all he has learned to stay centered in the face of adversity and opportunity.  Along the way he somehow found time to get married and get a Ph.D., both of which experiences have taught him how much he still has to learn.  He has over 60 publications and patents to his credit, and has an astute appreciation for how little separates the profound from the mundane.  His professed genre is the scientific thriller, but he is also an unabashed romantic at heart, and that mysterious condition called love keeps creeping into his writing.   “Entangled,” his latest title, being the perfect example of a romantic thriller.  That said, he is working on a new novel that promises to deliver a garish expose of human culpability.  He writes to give substance to the ideas in his head.

He has a web page at:   He can be reached by e-mail at

Novels by Clive Ash:


The Last Drop

Divine Typhoon





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